Effective home remedies to reduce wisdom tooth pain

Waking up with swollen wisdom tooth pain can be frustrating when people have important gatherings or meetings on the day. wisdom tooth pain is one of the most common problems regarding beauty. This occurs for various reasons when wisdom tooth pain starts to swell. Some of the reasons are crying, genetics, excessive physical stress, hormonal changes, dermatitis, sinus problems and lack of sleep. Even some allergic reactions and bad diet come under wisdom tooth pain. Puffiness around the wisdom tooth pain can make a person look exhausted and ill. They can take care of these issues with simple and natural home remedies that are really effective. The easiest way people can reduce puffiness is drinking a surplus of water. When the body and skin is hydrated enough, there is less possibility of water retention causing bags under wisdom tooth pain. Water can help in flushing the toxins out of the body. You need to drink a minimum of 8 glasses of water daily in order to stay hydrated. Avoid drinking beverages such as coffee and alcohol that are dehydrating agents.

Tea is one of the anti aging ingredients that can help in soothing the irritated and wisdom tooth pain. Tannin in tea bags can reduce the swelling around wisdom tooth pain and relieve inflammation and redness of skin. People can follow these home remedies by soaking two tea bags in hot water. After taking them out, let it cool down. Then place those bags over the wisdom tooth pain and leave them for a few minutes around 10 to 15. Then wash the face with cold water.  Repeating this procedure a few times daily can hydrate your skin and relieve it from skin issues. Chilled cucumbers and potatoes are good home remedies for treating swollen wisdom tooth pain. The astringent properties and enzymes in cucumber can reduce the inflammation and tighten the skin. Just like cucumbers, slices of potatoes over the puffy wisdom tooth pain can reduce bags under wisdom tooth pain. This is one of the effective ways on wisdom tooth pain. The starch of the potatoes contains anti-inflammatory properties and they are beneficial in treating dark pigmentation of skin.

You have to peel and wash the medium sized potato and grind it. Then take a clean cloth and put the flakes in it and tie it up. Then place the cloth over the wisdom tooth pain and leave it for a few minutes. Repeating this process a few times daily can reduce the puffiness around the wisdom tooth pain. People may not love the smell of raw eggs but it can offer several benefits. Whites of egg are skin tightening agents that can diminish the wisdom tooth pain bags and prevent wrinkles. If you really love to have a beautiful face, you need to separate yolk from egg and put white in a bowl. Then whip the whites thoroughly until it reaches a stiff consistency. Next add a few witch hazel drops in the whites to act as a skin tightening astringent. Then use a soft cloth or brush to apply this liquid under the wisdom tooth pain and leave it to dry. By following this home remedy daily for a few weeks one can reduce puffiness around their beautiful wisdom tooth pain.

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